Much of our positive performance is due to the experience of the management team and the handling of market opportunities while mitigating risks.

Investment Strategy

Since its inception, MYJ Group has reported consistent positive returns to its private investors. Those results reflect positively on the organizational capabilities of the management team. All of our resources and expertise are used within our investment strategy and made available to our new investors.

Our strategy benefits from lower than average sovereign risk, an absence of debt, and good liquidity which equates to an above average risk score. Risk management is core to the investment process. The managers monitor the group's performance and risk measures intra-day to ensure it remains within defined parameters. MYJ has significant latitude with respect to currency hedging – while the group states that local currency will generally be hedged, the investment policy permits up to 60% of the group's local currency investments to be non-euro hedged.

Overall, MYJ Group investment solutions benefits from very sound portfolio monitoring procedures, which are made possible due to the substantial scale and resources of the Vehicle’s network and partners.