To meet our clients’ long-term wealth management objectives, we implement a conviction based management approach within a streamlined management team and a narrow range of investments. Our fund managers are experts in their respective fields. Each morning, they exchange their views and site visit reports in order to develop the investment strategy.

MYJ Practices

At MYJ Group, our core values is to anticipate rather than suffer from market changes.

Consistency through fundamentals

Our market specialist, managers and advisors come together to assess the macro and microeconomic contexts on a daily basis. The exchange of viewpoints is essential; it enables the team to study each market and each opportunity not only from one single perspective, but to draw on combined expertise.

  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Microeconomic analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Investment decision

Understanding of intrinsic valuation

Our investment decisions are made after we have thoroughly researched the companies, the economics of the deal, whose offices or any agreement in place so we can have a very thorough understanding of why we are investing.
Our fund managers meet with management teams and staff to gain a clear view of how the companies operate. We have high quality information to guide our investment choices.

Risk Management

Careful monitoring of risks lies at the heart of the investment process. It is inseparable from the search for performance. We pay close attention to identifying, quantifying and analysing the risks related to our management approach. The Risk Management team monitors our global portfolio risk profiles