Providing clients with strategic investment advice, but also facilitate investment ideas and strategies. We offer a variety of financial products and services to support the needs of our clients to both maintain and preserve wealth for our clients' and their families.

More than just wealth creation

MYJ Group’s mission is to see a more prosperous world. We work to generate and allocate the capital and ideas that can help people live more prosperous lives.

Our conviction is that success in life is better measured by who we become, far more than by what we accumulate. For although we know that everything we own will ultimately be lost, we also believe that who we are will endure.

For this reason we do not see ourselves only as business people simply here to make a profit, even though the profit motive is both a necessary and a worthwhile pursuit. Just as important, when our job as investors is done well we create a surplus of time and capital, which not only establishes our own lives, but better equips us to help others prosper, too.

This encompasses more than material wealth. Prosperity, in the broadest sense, is the flourishing of the whole person, incorporating body, mind and spirit. It sustains the personal growth which provides the means to serve. And simply put, service is love in action, which is the highest and truest expression of ourselves. As individuals prosper in this way, holistically, so too do the families and communities to which they belong.

How does this begin? It all starts with ideas. We believe that the real battle for prosperity is waged in the empire of the mind. Transformation occurs through the renewing of our minds. Ideas, therefore, matter.

If we want to change our destiny, we must first change our thinking. That is the reason why MYJ Group’s mission involves generating ideas as well as generating and allocating capital.

MYJ Group’s aspiration is that others will share this mission, and know the joy that flows from sharing the privilege of prosperity and stewarding resources in the service of others.