Made up of key members, the Management Team identifies opportunities for the MYJ Group and its entities. It guides strategic positioning and implements corresponding projects to generate controlled growth.

Investment Process

MYJ Group has created an international management team uniting different nationalities. Each member brings considerable experience acquired all over the world in a variety of fields. Mutual development stems from the daily sharing of knowledge and skills.

Our team of traders, lead by Yanick Jetha, are covering all investment opportunities, ensuring the compliance with our obligation to act in the best interest of our clients when executing orders as well as the best execution when processing transactions.
We emphasise on a rigourous investment process by identifying long-term structural trends and key themes whether it being by providing a thorough top down analysis based on the view that local currency assets do not operate in a vacuum whilst looking beyond the asset class to the global business cycle and environment. At this stage, we consider strategic implications for any of our investments. These include global liquidity conditions, global inflation dynamics, current account levels, G3 economic/interest rate outlooks, among other considerations.

Then, we embark on a thorough analysis of the country’s macro metrics (external vulnerabilities, health of the banking sector, asset markets, monetary policy adequacy, and political stability). We view this as a key part of our process, due to the recurring nature of currency crises.

The final step in our process is a weekly bottom-up analysis of mostly idiosyncratic factors that are likely to drive each particular asset. We examine fundamentals, valuations and technical drivers. In FX, we focus on growth, monetary policy rates, central bank intervention, M&A flows, Balance of Payment trends, and competitiveness. For rates, meanwhile, we consider inflation, monetary policy, output gap, central bank credibility, supply dynamics, and the shape of the curve.