Private Investment Firm

Focusing on Currency Market

MYJ is an investment firm with a seasoned knowledge of long-term value creation and consistant performance.

Our Vision

Embrace the Currency Market Edge: Unleash Your Wealth Potential

Extensive Analysis

In-depth macro and microeconomic assessment for informed investment decisions.

Market Research

Comprehensive understanding of monetary policy, including elaboration on Central Bank actions such as interest rate adjustments and quantitative easing programs.

Risk Management

Enhanced monitoring, analysis, and mitigation for optimal investment performance.


Our Impact

More than just wealth creation

MYJ’s mission is to create a more prosperous world by generating and allocating capital and ideas that uplift lives.

We believe that true success lies in personal growth and enduring qualities, surpassing material accumulation.

As investors, we go beyond profit-seeking, aiming to establish surplus time and capital to empower others’ prosperity.

  • Capital and Ideas: Generating and allocating resources for a more prosperous world.
  • Transformative Thinking: Recognizing success in personal growth, service, and holistic prosperity.
  • Empowering Others: Sharing the joy of prosperity and stewarding resources for the benefit of all.

Management Team

Yanick Jetha

Chief Executive Officer

Shamir Jetha

Chief of Staff

Chiara Monego

Asset Manager

Irene Han

Head of Financial Services

Victoria Lichet

In-House Counsel

Philippe Pradal
Philippe Pradal

Paris & New York Attorney


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